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Bloc28 – Mad Mickey 7″ Vinyl Figure

[December 13th, 2010 By Pstyles | Comments Off]

December 13, 2010 "To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are." - Source Unknown Bloc 28's Mad Mickey was pre-released in Hong Kong and quickly sold through the advance figures at the Miramar Shopping Centre "Christmas Around The World" event. The smaller version of the original ATC figure designed by Les Schettkoe is priced at USD $49.95 and will be available in the 1st quarter of 2011 as a limited...        Read More
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Holiday Celebration: Family & Friends

[November 23rd, 2010 By Pstyles | Comments Off]

November 23, 2010


 "Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none."

- Benjamin Franklin


The best part about getting together is the opportunity of catching up with family and frien...        Read More

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Holiday Celebration: Christmas Around The World

[November 22nd, 2010 By Pstyles | Comments Off]

November 22, 2010

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens: but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." -Helen Keller

As seen at this past Saturday's kick-off event at the Miramar Shopping Centre, it was a fan and media frenzy with one of Hong Kong's top male vocalist, Leo Ku, and the world's #1 mo...        Read More

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First Look: MAD M-I-C-K-E-Y

[November 19th, 2010 By Pstyles | Comments Off]

November 19, 2010 "Life isn't what you want it to be, it's what you make it become." - Anthony Ryan Finally, our Bloc28 Mad Mickey is installed at the Miramar Shopping Centre in Hong Kong for this Saturday's kick-off event. At nearly 15 feet tall, the figure provides a perfect photo opportunity for Mickey fans and holiday shoppers. If you're in Hong Kong or plan to visit, the installation along with our MINDstyle pop-up runs th...        Read More
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Build & They Will Come

[November 18th, 2010 By Pstyles | Comments Off]

November 18, 2010

"There are no short cuts to any place worth going." -Beverly Sills

 As part of our continued expansion in Asia, here's a first look at the bigger than lifesize Bloc28 Mad Mickey designed by Les Schettkoe. Nearly 5 meters tall (about 15 feet), the massive figure is part of the Miramar Shopping Centre holiday celebration installation in Hong Kong....        Read More

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Christmas Around The World

[November 15th, 2010 By Pstyles | Comments Off]

November 15, 2010 "Don't mind criticism. If it is untrue, disregard it; if unfair, keep from irritation; if it is ignorant, smile; if it is justified it is not criticism, learn from it." - Source Unknown As part of our continued expansion in Asia, please join us at 3PM in Hong Kong for our first pop-up store and holiday celebration. There will be exclusive releases and limited edition products. Christmas Around The World opens thi...        Read More
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