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Quote of the Day
“Knowledge is power.”
- Francis Bacon

Case File: Clark V. Fox
Often referred to as the Godfather of modern underground art, Clark emerged a made man in the art world of the 1960’s as the youngest acknowledged member of the notorious Washington Color School. Frustrated by the restrictions of the movement, the young art capo developed his now signature association of pop, pointillism and left of leftist politics. Reliable sources have said, “Clark Fox is a master at painting Old Masters. Classically trained, Fox eventually threw away his university notebook and started painting with his eyes, imagination, colors and brushes. Developing a style that combines both realism and farce, Fox has exhibited from Tokyo to NYC and everywhere in between. Private collectors of Fox scramble to acquire his work.”

Clark Fox has permanent installations in The National Gallery of Art and The Corcoran Museum of Art in Washington D.C. which proves he is a made man. In addition, his control of the gallery space at the Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA, in Washington DC further validates his leadership role.


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