The Art Of Pixar

August 2, 2010

“The press always tends to say these companies are competitors. They are missing the point. As a fan, I want to help the industry. I would love for every studio to produce a blockbuster so we can get more talented people in the industry. Competition to us is when a family walks up to the multiplex and all those titles are up there. I want everyone to be successful.”
- John Lasseter

After a successful pre-release at SDCC, fans and collectors will be able to find one of the very first Pixar Shorts art toy collectible (ATC) figures at select retail in early September. While Pixar creates its beloved feature films, it simultaneously tests computer animation and story telling techniques by producing short films. but better yet, Tin Toy was created by John Lasseter when Pixar Studios were just getting started. An instant Disney/Pixar classic limited to only 500 pieces worldwide!

Tin toy

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